Fight Club (2023) Hindi Review

Fight Club (2023) Hindi Storyline

Fight Club (2023) Hindi: Selva a college student with football aspirations grows frustrated over lack of opportunity. His anger draws him into conflicts impacting himself and his family.

Fight Club (2023) Overview

Genre: Action

Original Language: Tamil

Director: Abbas A. Rahmath

Producer: Lokesh Kanagaraj, R Balakumar

Writer: Abbas A Rahmath

Runtime: 2h 17m

Production Co: G Squad, Reel Good Films

Fight Club (2023) Hindi Review

Yet another intense tale of rivalry, revenge, betrayal & struggle for survival in the backdrop of North Madras with nothing to offer new but what excels is a making and screenplay…Everyone in the star cast has delivered commendable work. Not to miss the performances of Vijay Kumar, Shankar Das, and Avinash, who have delivered a strong spell of acting. Of course, the other actors too have done justice to their respective roles…it’s not just the stunt crew, but overall the whole crew has struck the right chords. Be it cinematography, crisp editing, or even the sound design along with the background score, everything is too brilliant. To be precise, the action chasing sequence in the nighttime, and the one that happens in the bus is excellent. The love portions are intentionally added to kill the runtime which inturn sets a major drawback for the filmEditor Kripakaran deserves special mention as he carries major portions of the film on his shoulder.

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