Hijack S01 Hindi Review

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Hijack S01 Hindi: A plane from Dubai to London is hijacked over a 7-hour flight, while authorities on the ground scramble for answers.

A tense thriller (told in real-time) that follows the journey of a hijacked plane as it makes its way to London over a seven-hour flight, while authorities on the ground scramble for answers. Sam Nelson (Elba) is an accomplished negotiator in the business world, who needs to step up and use all his guile to try and save the lives of the passengers — but, his high-risk strategy could be his undoing.—brian is fabulous.

Hijack S01 Overview

Genres: Drama, Mystery thriller

Network: Apple TV+

Premiere Date: Jun 28, 2023

Executive producers: George Kay, Jim Field Smith, Idris Elba, Kris Thykier, Hakan Kousetta, Jamie Laurenson

Hijack S01 Hindi Review

As an airline pilot working out of Dubai, I was a bit shocked at the basic things they got wrong. I was begging the writers not to let the lady copilot land from the left hand (captain seat). She isn’t qualified to. All her qualifications were examined from the right-hand seat. It is very different using your right hand with an Airbus joystick to fly the plane from the right-hand seat to using your left hand from the Captain’s seat. She is already in a high-stress, unusual single-pilot operation, so would never think ooh, I’ll land it from the left-hand seat!. Also, the Captain's headset was broken. She would just sit in her normal seat and operate from there. The other most hilarious was the pilot Information that Baghdad ATC was able to pull up onto a computer screen. In Episode 2, the info showed the captain’s picture, his date of birth, and some supposed password which Baghdad ATC then demanded the Captain verify.

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