Aranmanai 4 (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

Aranmanai 4 (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Storyline

Aranmanai 4 (2024) Hindi Movie: After his sister’s suspicious death, a man decides to discover the hidden truth, setting off a chasm for chaos and terror.

Aranmanai 4 (2024) Hindi Overview

IMDB Rating: 6/10

Genre: Horror | Comedy

Stars: Sundar C., Tamannaah Bhatia, Raashi Khanna

Director: Sundar C

Language: Hindi

Aranmanai 4 (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

From previous Sundar C movies, I can say that his movies can be quite typical and predictable, but Aranmanai 4 is a whole different case for this.If you are going to watch this movie, please dont go into the cinema with the expectations that I will be the same as the previous installments in the Aranmanai Saga because this movie stands on the top by itself as the best in the series.Positives: Great story concept compared to the previous installments (finally a change of pace)Tamanna’s performance is top notch and gives that amazing emotional connection to the viewersJump scares in the movie are timed perfectlyThere is absolutely no ‘Glamour Scenes (sex appeal from female characters)’ in the movie as compared to the previous installments. There is one scene where it pops up but its in the final song during the credits which is fineHiphop Tamizha’s music is amazing and can be said carried the flow of the movieCinematography is very clean, cinematic and fits the genreGood character developmentsThe VFX is decent and works.

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