Akelli (2023) Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio Movie

Akelli (2023) Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio Movie

Akelli (2023) Hindi Dubbed Hd Movie Storyline

Akelli (2023) Hindi Movie: An ordinary Indian girl gets trapped in a war-torn land and survival is her battle.

Jyoti to fend for her family in a better way, She decides to take a plunge. For her it was a calculated risk, to take up a job at Mosul. In 2014, Iraq had been invaded by ISIS on the northern front. Mosul as at far South end and been considered Safe. Mosul, welcomes Jyoti with a human bomb. Jyoti is scared and nervous realising that Iraq is nothing what she had imagined. But now, there is no turning back for her. She has already mortgaged a lot to pay for the security deposits for this job. ISIS, the militant outfit invades Mosul. factory as well and Jyoti along with other women, gets captured, by the terrorists. They had been huddled in a huge truck.. What shall they do to them? The horror stories now, after eight dreadful practices of ISIS, of sex-slaves and perishing life of t these stories true? Answer is YES. The insane looking commander decides to keep Jyoti as his trophy. Jyoti’s life seems hell, with the maniac commander in charge.. Where shall she go? Where can she hide? Who shall help her? In the fit of desperate bid to free herself, Jyoti fights back… They certainly shall not let her go away easily.. Here in India, by now, Jyoti’s mother and niece get to know about Mosul-ISIS and the warlike situation. There, in Mosul, entire ISIS is hounding for Jyoti.. From here, begins a thrilling tale of the grit and determination of a lone Indian woman. If and How she escapes from Mosul?

Akelli (2023) Hindi Overview

Director: Pranay Meshram

Distributor: Dashami Studioz

Production Co: Dashami Studioz

Genre: Drama, Mystery & Thriller

Original Language: Hindi

Release Date (Theaters): Aug 25, 2023, Limited

Runtime: 2h 0m

Akelli (2023) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

I just saw this film and I believe it is a very well-made film for the most part, the story is of an Indian woman who was unfortunately trapped in Mosul, Iraq during the ISIS takeover and the film deals with how the woman, played amazingly well by Nushrat Barucha, deals with the situation she is stuck in. The entire focus of the movie is Nushrat, she carries the film completely on her petite back and is a perfect cast for the role, her amazing acting skills shows how she feels shock, fear , is vulnerable, helpless and is at odds with such a terrifying predicament. The movie is for the most part at a good pace, slowing only in the beginning with some lackluster music , the characterization is very good, the actors chosen to be militants is very authentic and real, and the dialogues are absolutely real, requiring translation in a few places which the subtitles show. The movie is only 2 hours long and is not a slog and the main antagonist is the Israeli actor from the famous series Fauda, Tsahi Halevi, who does an amazing job.

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