Raththam (2023)

Raththam (2023) Hindi Storyline

CS Amudhan’s Raththam begins with a murder. The victim is Chezhiyan, the editor of a media house, and the killer is a fan of an actor who is enraged by a negative story that has been published on his idol. It seems like a clear-cut crime of passion, but what if the killer, too, is a victim here? This is the intriguing question that the film drops our way after Ranjith Kumar enters this story and the office of the media house.

Raththam (2023) Overview

Directed by: C.S. Amudhan

Written by: Thozhar Aathi, C.S. Amudhan, Athisha, Karkibava

Starring: Vijay Antony, Aravinth, Mahima Nambiar, Remya Nambeesan, Nandita

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Categories: Tamil Featured, Tamil Movies 2023

Country: India

Language: Tamil

Raththam (2023) Hindi Review 

Raththam (2023) Hindi: The movie tells a unique story about how people can be tricked into doing terrible things because of false beliefs in religion, community, or celebrities. It shows how others manipulate them, making them do harmful things, all while hiding the real reasons behind their actions. The movie takes its time to tell the story, letting you really understand the characters and the plot. Some might find it slow, but it keeps you interested and builds suspense.The director did a great job guiding the actors, making their performances really believable. However, the music in the movie doesn’t match the intense moments very well, which is a bit disappointing.The movie is thrilling and keeps you guessing. It explores the idea of how people can be easily deceived and forced into bad situations. It makes you think about how this happens in real life too, where people are manipulated because of their beliefs.

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