Hate Story 4 (2018) Movie Review

Hate Story 4 (2018) Hindi Movie Storyline

Hate Story 4 (2018): Aryan and Rajveer, sons of a wealthy businessman, Vikram Khurana, fall in love with the same woman, Tasha. Not only do they commit a deed they cannot undo but also end up as targets in a revenge plan.

London-based Aryan and Rajveer are sons of business tycoon Vikram Khurana. Aryan is handling the family business and is looking out for a new female face for his campaign. He is in love with Rishma who is also looking after his business. Rajveer is a womanizer and professional photographer who approaches Taasha to be the model of their campaign. Taasha soon becomes a star and both brothers fall in love with her. This leads Aryan to murder Rishma after she finds out about his relationship with Taasha. After Aaryan and Taasha dispose of Rishma’s body it is revealed that Taasha is not who she claims and has come to revenge against Khurana.

Hate Story 4 (2018) Overview

Genre: Drama

Original Language: Hindi

Director: Vishal Pandya

Runtime: 3h 0m

Hate Story 4 (2018) Movie Review

The lyrics of the song remake “Aashiq Banaya Aapne” were good. The performance of Gulshan Grover was fine but could have been much better. I’m going to present the negatives in a bullet format because unlike the movie I don’t plan on wasting your valuable time. Let’s begin! Negative #1: The performance of Urvashi Rautela is mediocre. I haven’t watched any other movies of her except “Mr. Airavata” but I think we can all agree that this is her worst performance yet. Her dialogue delivery is awful. She is expressionless throughout the movie. Negative #2: The story is very predictable and has been executed multiple times before. The story fails to show any variation in its execution. We were feeling bored just watching the movie and I had to sit through this for a second time because my friend wanted to watch this with me. He adds that this installment is the worst in the franchise. I’m not aware of the other 3 installments but I can definitely say that this movie gave me one of the worst experiences in a while.

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