Hate Story 3 (2015) Movie Review

Hate Story 3 (2015) Hindi Movie Storyline

Hate Story 3 (2015): Siya appears to be the bone of contention between warring businessmen Aditya and Saurav. But this one runs deeper than your average love triangle.

The couple, Aditya and Siya Singh control the family business after the sad demise of Aditya’s elder brother Vikram. Suddenly, an unknown businessman named Saurav Singhania enters their lives. Saurav, who shows interest in Aditya’s company, makes them an unbelievable offer; a deal of spending a night with Siya in return for giving Aditya’s company a very big profit. Aditya angrily rejects the offer. What follows is Aditya and Siya’s struggle to to Saurav’s real intentions. The erotic revenge thriller takes the audience through relationships, love, hatred, and vengeance. This movie is very Romance.

Hate Story 3 (2015) Overview

Genre: Mystery & thriller, Drama

Original Language: Hindi

Director: Vishal Pandya

Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar

Writer: Vikram Bhatt

Release Date (Streaming): Jan 25, 2017

Runtime: 2h 6m

Production Co: T-Series Films

Hate Story 3 (2015) Movie Review

To begin with, we all know what sells here in our films apart from the Big Stars and that’s exactly what’s being offered in this third product of the franchise strictly known for its erotic content presented along with a ‘must have’ storyline. To explain it further, HATE STORY 3 is actually ‘two films’ woven into one, with the first one offering you the much-expected erotica & bedroom scenes all incorporated in its deliberately added songs inserted at regular intervals. The second is a typical Abbaas-Mustaan type of suspense thriller (with a surprise entry towards the end) which doesn’t work at all due to sloppy editing, an immature direction, and many absurd twists & turns throwing the characterization out of the window as if it’s never supposed to be there in a film like this. As a result, you have business tycoons behaving like college boys, legal blame being put on colleagues just like that, killings going on as if they have already bought the police & law, a lab sequence as well as graphics reminding you of those scientists & blasts shown in the black & white movies of 50s-60s and the ladies being there only to prove themselves bolder than the other with more intense skin show, deep kisses and suggestive body movements providing the expected content.

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