What Jennifer Did (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

What Jennifer Did (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

What Jennifer Did (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Storyline

What Jennifer Did (2024) Hindi Movie: When Jennifer Pan calls 911 to report that her parents have been shot, she becomes the primary focus of a captivating criminal case.

What Jennifer Did (2024) Hindi Overview

Genre: Crime, Documentary

Original Language: English

Director: Jenny Popplewell

Release Date (Streaming): Apr 10, 2024

Runtime: 1h 27m

Distributor: Netflix

What Jennifer Did (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

The pressure from Jennifer Pan’s parents for Jennifer to succeed and to choose a man for herself that did not have a criminal record ultimately resulted in Jennifer Pan doing the unthinkable: to put a hit out on her own parents. I understand that the pressure must have been difficult. According to her friend, she was not a straight A student. The Pans expected her to be a pharmacist, but it seems like she did not get accepted into pharmacy, and then her conditional offer from Ryerson was rescinded when she failed Grade 13 calculus. I absolutely feel sorry that the pressure was obviously too much for this girl, but her actions are still pure evil. She wanted what she wanted: the loser drug dealer boyfriend, her parents’ cash. Only a wicked, wicked person could stand in the same room with her parents’ murderers and chat with them as if nothing untoward or evil was going on. It makes me wonder what came first, her wickedness, or her being influenced by Daniel Wong into a criminal life for from which she could never turn back?The end of the film says that she and her co-accused have been allowed a retrial.

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