The Wages of Fear (2024) Hindi Movie Review

The Wages of Fear (2024) Hindi Movie Review

The Wages of Fear (2024) Hindi Movie Storyline

The Wages of Fear (2024) Hindi Movie: In order to prevent a deadly explosion, an illicit crack team has 24 hours to drive two truckloads of nitroglycerine across a desert laden with danger.

In the middle of the desert, near a refugee camp, an oil well catches fire, directly threatening the lives of the population. Dispatching experts to the site, the company operating the well realizes that it has only one solution to avert the catastrophe: detonate the oil well with nitroglycerin within 24 hours. Against a large sum of money, a powerhouse team is then sent 800 km away to transport 200 kg of explosives in two trucks. The team now has less than 20 hours to reach the oil well. 20 hours to traverse hostile zones controlled by armed rebels, cross minefields, and drive two trucks loaded with nitroglycerin over rough terrain! The race against the clock has begun.

The Wages of Fear (2024) Hindi Overview

Genre: Action, Adventure

Original Language: French (France)

Director: Julien Leclercq

Producer: Julien Madon, Julien Leclercq, Mikael Govciyan

Writer: Hamid Hlioua, Julien Leclercq

Release Date (Streaming): Mar 29, 2024

Runtime: 1h 44m

Distributor: Netflix

Production Co: TF1 Studio, Netflix France, Labyrinthe Films

The Wages of Fear (2024) Hindi Movie Review

Unfortunately, I have never seen the original film but I have watched Sorcerer many times and it is one of my very favorite films. I’d even go as far as to call Friedkin’s version among the greatest films ever made. So it was with great interest that I noticed that there was a new version on Netflix. What I watched was a truly remarkable film. Somehow they managed to depict the transportation of an enormous amount of nitroglycerin in two unstable trucks with danger all around them and made it boring. It’s dullness is nearly miraculous given the story they were using.The problem here was that they missed the point. It was never about the the nitroglycerin, or even the hazards along the way, it was about the characters driving those trucks and how they struggle against the odds. Where, if they lose, they’re dead. Simple. In this remake one of the main protagonists blows himself up to save a poor village from being destroyed by a oilwell fire.

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