Siren (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

Siren (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Storyline

Siren (2024) Hindi Movie: An ambulance driver turned criminal eagerly awaits his release from prison, but it takes 14 years.

Siren (2024) Hindi Overview

Director: Anthony Bhagyaraj

Executive Producer: Omaar

Screenwriter: Anthony Bhagyaraj

Distributor: Home Movie Makers

Production Co: Home Movie Makers

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery & Thriller

Original Language: Tamil

Release Date (Theaters): Feb 16, 2024, Limited

Siren (2024) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review

Anthony Bhagyaraj’s “Siren” stars Jayam Ravi as a murder-convict visiting his family on Parole, during when a string of murders begin to happen. Suspicion falls on him and we start to learn more about his past, and his connection to the murders.It’s a pretty decent premise honestly, as it has the bones with which you could craft a compelling movie, but the way it has been handled here is just terrible. The screenplay and the direction all come across extremely amateur and without any focus. The movie is structurally a mess, where the first half has hints of the hero’s past; through which we can already piece together most of what might have happened. And when the flashback does eventually roll around (extremely late into the movie too), it feels pointless and adds nothing that we didn’t already figure out, and we’re left sitting around waiting for it to end. Same goes for the various sub-plots introduced; that with Keerthi Suresh and the character of Ravi’s daughter.

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