The Hit List (2011) Hindi Movie Review

The Hit List (2011) Hindi Movie Storyline

The Hit List (2011) Hindi Movie: A man creates a hit list with a stranger during a drunken night out and must then race to try to save those he marked for death as the bodies pile up and all fingers point to him.

In Spokane, an elite government killer goes rogue on the day that engineer Allen Campbell loses a promotion and finds his best man with his wife. Allen goes drinking that night and chats up a stranger who turns out to be Jonas, the hit man. Jonas asks Allen to give him a list of five people he’d like to see dead, so a drunk Allen lists his boss, the guy who got the promotion, a nasty bookie, the best man, and his wife. By the next morning, the boss is dead, and Allen realizes Jonas is for real.

The Hit List (2011) Hindi Overview

Genre: Action, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: English

Director: William Kaufman

Producer: Freddy Braidy, Richard Salvatore

Writer: Chad Law, Evan Law

Release Date (Streaming): Apr 16, 2012

Runtime: 1h 30m

Production Co: Stage 6 Films

The Hit List (2011) Hindi Movie Review

Just a few weeks after picking up Gooding’s last film “Sacrifice”, “The Hit List” was released. I picked it up because I am a pretty big fan of his. The film turned out to be pretty well done for a DTV thriller but just like “Sacrifice” it has it’s flaws.Jonas Arbor(Gooding) is a hit man and decides to go rouge. His reason unfolds throughout the movie but in doing this he runs into Allen(Cole Hauser) in a bar. Allen is having his own bad day by losing his promotion to a younger partner in his film and problems with his wife come to surface. Arbor and Allen meet in a bar and get drunk together. Jonas explains to Allen that he is a hit man and will kill five people for Allen free of charge. Thinking it is a joke Allen writes down names and laughs it off. It isn’t long before he realizes its a joke and has to stop Jonas from completing the list.The film has been compared to “Collateral” and while it is a fair comparison, the film does stand on its own.

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