Maamla Legal Hai (Season 1) Hindi Review

Maamla Legal Hai (Season 1) Hindi Storyline

Maamla Legal Hai (Season 1) Hindi: Chaos collides with the letter of the law at the District Court of Patparganj, where quirky employees work to uphold justice. However, their daily escapades are not without a few objections.

Maamla Legal Hai (Season 1) Hindi Overview

Director: Rahul Pandey

Screenwriter: Saurabh Khanna, Kunal Aneja

Network: Netflix

Rating: TV-MA

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Original Language: Hindi

Release Date: Mar 1, 2024

Maamla Legal Hai (Season 1) Hindi Review

Wow! Great series. Well well-written & executed. Ravi Kishan is a phenomenal actor and keeps you engaged with his wonderful acting and dialogue delivery. All the actors have performed very well. The series is not only engaging but also thought-provoking. Simultaneously, it brings joy and smiles to the audience's faces. It is a fun watch, relatable & does not disappoint the audience. Cannot wait for next season. This series is super funny. The script, direction, dialogues, and acting, are all exceptional. Every single actor is amazing whether they have 1 frame, 1 line, or a character in the main cast. They are truly cast well and bring their personality to the story. The irony of the situations as they unfold is not lost and thr series tells a realistic series of events with a tongue-in-cheek style. Extremely entertaining.

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