Eagle 2024 Hindi Movie Review

Eagle 2024 Hindi Movie Storyline

Eagle 2024 Hindi Movie: Sahadev Varma alias Eagle, an infamous professional assassin, goes on a mission to bust down illegal arms trade by disguising himself as a cotton farmer in Talakona and intercepting all the illegal arms transactions from there. Nalini, a journalist, writes a news report on Sahadev, whose rare cotton has solid demand in foreign countries. She gets interrogated by the RAW agents, due to the news report, and learns about Sahadev’s identity, which prompts her to uncover the reason behind Sahadev’s motive from various persons who know about Sahadev’s past. After learning the past of the eagle.

Eagle 2024 Hindi Overview

Genre: Action, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: Telugu

Director: Karthik Gattamneni

Producer: T.G. Vishwa Prasad

Writer: Karthik Gattamneni

Release Date (Theaters): Jan 13, 2024  Limited

Runtime: 2h 30m

Distributor: People Media Factory

Production Co: People Media Factory

Eagle 2024 Hindi Movie Review

One of the finest movies I have seen in recent times, all the side characters narrate the story of MC, the point is whole movie is like an introduction but the director nailed when and where to stop that cut scene, multiple stories go on and director literally nailed where to stop a flashback, a narration of that kind most people messes up, we have seen so many movies where we feel the story is good but the director messed up but here director knows what he is doing. And finally, Ravi Teja nailed the acting, and the climax fighting is awesome. Some times story is predictable but who cares if you enjoy the movie. Don’t see some ass reviews and decide go yourself experience it and then decide.

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