Abraham Ozler (2024) Hindi Movie Review

Abraham Ozler (2024) Hindi Movie Storyline

Abraham Ozler (2024) Hindi Movie: Revolves around the personal and professional lives of veteran cop Abraham Ozler, ACP Trichur, who at one time has to take up a serial killing case and the mysterious hunt begins.

Abraham Ozler (2024) Hindi Overview

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: Malayalam

Director: Midhun Manuel Thomas

Producer: Irshad M. Hassan, Midhun Manuel Thomas

Release Date (Theaters): Jan 12, 2024  Limited

Runtime: 2h 30m

Distributor: Manual Movie Makers

Production Co: Manual Movie Makers, Neramboku

Abraham Ozler (2024) Hindi Movie Review

Negative: Jayram is someone who is suffering from his own persona and impulses. He cannot act anymore, all he can do is imitate. This is what long breaks from acting does to a person, though he has the spirit to perform, it falls short. Whenever he is shown, I am hearing and seeing expressions of Kamal Hassan. The only saving grace in his acting was the physical straitjacket he took to portray being depressed and the final shot of his grinning face. I hope in part two these shortcomings would be fixed. A small suggestion for Jayram: see some Nordic films in this genre and try to imitate and adapt those actors characteristics, it might bring some difference, do the research and work. Also, get into streaming platform projects, show an active presence, doing so might make other movie makers to think about you while writing stories or making projects.The other thing was the unnecessary distance that is kept between the investigating officer and his suspects and the would-be victims.

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