The Boys in the Boat (2023) Movie Review

The Boys in the Boat (2023) Hindi Movie Storyline

The Boys in the Boat (2023): A 1930s-set story centered on the University of Washington’s rowing team, from their Depression-era beginnings to winning gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The Boys in the Boat is a sports drama based on the #1 New York Times bestselling non-fiction novel written by Daniel James Brown. The film, directed by George Clooney, is about the 1936 University of Washington rowing team that competed for gold at the Summer Olympics in Berlin. This inspirational true story follows a group of underdogs at the height of the Great Depression as they are thrust into the spotlight and take on elite rivals from around the world.

The Boys in the Boat (2023) Overview

Genre: History, Drama, Biography, Sports

Original Language: English

Director: George Clooney

Producer: Grant Heslov, George Clooney

Writer: Mark L. Smith

Release Date (Theaters): Dec 25, 2023  Wide

Release Date (Streaming): Jan 16, 2024

Box Office (Gross USA): $51.9M

Runtime: 2h 4m

Distributor: MGM

Production Co: Spyglass Media Group, Smokehouse Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

Aspect Ratio: Digital 2.39:1

The Boys in the Boat (2023) Movie Review

Likes: Pace -It’s a movie about racing boats via rowing, and it could be awesome, or it could be boring, depending on how many elements they try to explore in the Boat turns out to be the entertaining pace for me, a beautiful mashup of character development Disney elements, with the pace of an Olympic event.-It lays out the grounds, puts the stakes at hand, and then hits water skimming to keep the stone going until it reaches the other side.-A startling balance, I really had little time to be bored when the movie just kept my attention in these boys’ journey, and how good it felt to go on the ride.Humor -The Humor may not be the most knee-slapping or bust-a-gut moment I’ve seen, but it holds instead something else I appreciate. Clooney and his team wrote a great movie that integrates laughs into the mix, but not to the point of breaking character or going too far out of the way.

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