Mr. & Mrs. Smith S01 Hindi Review

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Season 1) Hindi ALL Episodes Storyline

Mr. & Mrs. Smith S01 Hindi: Two strangers land jobs with a spy agency that offers them a life of espionage, wealth, and travel. The catch: new identities in an arranged marriage.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Season 1) Overview

Genres: Action, Comedy

Network: Prime Video

Premiere Date: Feb 2, 2024

Mr. & Mrs. Smith S01 Hindi Review

I fell victim to the marketing ploys of this show and was excited for this show to be released, watching most of the series the day it was released.It is well made and had a good production value. Well shot and for the most part well acted. But I find the subject matter to be dull and the writing to be a bit lazy.This is a spy show that is missing all of the quintessential “spy things” found in the genre. First off, the characters are basically Craigslist Kirkland-brand spies. They are not very good at their jobs and they are following the orders of a chat-GTP style entity. Also, the series is episode, so they are in a new location doing a new task every episode. This is okay, but 90% of the episode is spent examining their relationship, while 10% is spent doing a few spy things.All of the realism in this show is spent on relationship building. It’s like a committee sat down and wrote a standard rom com using fights, quirks, and highlights from all of their previous relationships and packages them into a show.

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