Custody (2023) Movie Review

Custody (2023) Hindi Movie Storyline

Custody (2023): Constable Siva is assigned to escort a witness from police custody to the courtroom. As a twist in the plot, Siva learns that the entire police department wants the witness dead and starts the real run.

Custody (2023) Overview

Genre: Action, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: Telugu

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Producer: Srinivasaa Chitturi

Writer: Abburi Ravi

Release Date (Theaters): May 12, 2023  Limited

Runtime: 2h 35m

Distributor: Srinivasaa Silver Screen

Production Co: Srinivasaa Silver Screen

Custody (2023) Movie Review

Positives.1. Story. Though this movie’s concept is familiar, the potential of some characters such as Nataraj (played by Sarathkumar) and Raju aka Raazu (played by Aravind Swamy), and their arcs make this a great story on paper. However, due to the messy, half-baked screenplay and the poor execution by Venkat Prabhu, the potential of this movie gets diluted making this movie feel like lost potential.2. Visuals. Despite the cinematography not enhancing the movie and even though there are some aspects of the production design, setting, and lighting in some parts of the movie that are out of place, the visuals, for the most part the visuals look good.Negatives.1. Music. The music of the movie is very mediocre. Neither does it sound good nor does it help enhance the emotions of the movie. Along with that, apart from Timeless Which was beautifully and aptly picturized none of the other songs are picturized well as the choreography was normal, the cinematography, specifically the blocking-there was a lot of generic and still blocking in the songs-was mediocre, and the editing-although was slightly different some times-was also generic so much so that it’ll probably remind you of intro and duet songs of many movie set in a college backdrop.

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